High Fashion, Zero Cruelty

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of High fashion. Zero cruelty. GUNAS New York.. All opinions are 100% mine.

COUGAR-gunas-new-york I haven’t eaten beef since 2003. (And I’ll bet a cool million that I won’t again in this lifetime!) When I saw the creator of GUNAS New York was pairing her superior industrial design skills and keen fashion aesthetic to make make cruelty-free, high-quality, vegan bags, I immediately wanted to shout her brand from the rooftops! Bags CAN be beautiful and 100% animal-friendly. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at these gorgeous 100% vegan bags…cottontail-gunas-new-york


GUNAS New York is the original vegan handmade, founded in 2009 by designer and animal lover, Sugandh Agrawal. Sugandh’s designs range from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, wallets and backpacks for life’s every occasion. GUNAS has been featured in VegNews, Upscale magazineMarie Claire, InStyle, ABC news channel, Fox Tv, Time magazine, Organic Spa, Huffington Post and is recognized as an award winning brand by PETA, The Ethical Fashion Forum and The Independent Handbag Designers Association.  In 2015 Sugandh was honored by In Style magazine as the Best Green Handbag Designer and was also featured in the publication’s September Issue.  RIDLEY-gunas-new-york


Not only is GUNAS New York on a mission to offer beautiful, desirable, animal-friendly products, but they also manufacture their bags using artisans and small-scale ethical manufacturers from countries such as India, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong, while keeping their price points attainable (especially for the designer vegan niche).ROCKSTAR-gunas-new-yorkMONARCH-gunas-new-york

gunas-new-yorkCOUGAR-gunas-new-york I hope GUNAS New York reminds you to make conscious shopping decisions and consider who and what your purchases impact. Ready to shop? No code needed to receive free shipping on orders of $150+ to the US & Canada.

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My First Month in California [Video]

It’s going great, guys! Settling in nicely to my new happy home. There has been no shortage of sisters, swimming, sunshine and wine this first month. I stitched some snaps, grams and boomerangs together to share what I’ve been up to my first month as a California girl!

TIP! I downloaded the iMovie for iPhone app ($4.99) for my iPhone 6s. Editing this took me under 30 minutes! Hey now, I think I’ll be making more videos! Highly recommend the app, it’s really simple and intuitive and you can quickly and easily pull your videos, pictures and audio files together to create something fun.


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Unleash the Joy

Thank you to Beneful for sponsoring this post and helping dogs everywhere live a more unleashed, joyful life. All opinions are my own. #FriendsofBeneful #DreamDogPark

16179952407_aa9a1607af_o-copy16365834975_a23e44ee2a_k-copyIf you know me even a little, you know how important my furbaby is to me. Quality time with my little Dolly baby calms me, rejuvenates me and reminds me to stay in the moment. She is the heart and soul of my every day–and I’ll do anything to make her happy. Which is pretty simple–she simply requires lots of cuddles, and a whole lot of fetching her tennis ball in the p-a-r-k. (I spell it out a lot because of course that is one of her trigger words!) Living in urban environments like New York and now Los Angeles have never stopped this little girl from getting plenty of exercise–mostly because of her favorite place: the dog park.

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How to: DIY Lavender Sunscreen

How to DIY Lavender SunscreenHow to DIY Lavender SunscreenIf you’re following along on Instagram or Snapchat (add me: sisoosarah) you probably know…I’ve been very very busy lately…swimming in the pool, checking on the waves, dining al fresco, and frolicking among the flowers and succulents. I MOVED TO LOS ANGELES JUNE 25th! Wooo! Oh glorious sunshine heaven, I’m so in love with this happy town.

I’m pretty excited to be out of the concrete jungle and spending more time in the sunny, moderate climate of LA. But I’ve already got my first sunburn while hanging on Santa Monica beach my first weekend here. This must be sunburn #23924839438948 of my life. Will I never learn?

Here’s the thing. I hate sunscreen. I don’t like the smell. I don’t like the oily, greasy feeling. I don’t like the break-outs I get from wearing it. I don’t like how thick it goes on. And I hate hate hate when you get a teeny bit in the corner of you eye and it waters uncontrollable for the following three hours.

I’m quirky about my daily products’ ingredients–especially if they contain chemicals. I check everything I use at EWG’S Skin Deep Guide to Cosmetics, a site that rates safety of 80,000 personal care products. I try to keep it natural for the most part. And I try to use as few products as possible. I’m drawn to earthy/botanical-based products, or I DIY as many products as I can–because then I really know what ingredients I’m working with. (Did you see my DIY de-puffing caffeine eye cream post?)

Enter zinc oxide, the miracle main ingredient for DIY sunscreen.  It’s is a fine white powder with astringent properties that physically (not chemically!!) works to provide 28 times the skin’s natural protections against harmful UVA & UVB rays. It’s the sunscreen of sunscreens people. Don’t believe me? Check out the reviews.

Say what? So are you ready for this DIY or what?

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