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 Perfumies ARE back!perfumies-homepage

Maybe you remember when I closed my line of solid perfume sticks around this time last year (see this post for more). Sad trombone. But at the time, it was oh so necessary. I had broken my leg into a gazillion pieces, which set me off my work groove for the better part of a year. I was miserable. Leading up to this awful injury, Perfumies had been my main stressor for many reasons (some listed below), and so it was the first thing I put an end to without hesitation when my life seemingly imploded into a million pieces in 2015.

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Your 2017 planner is here.

Hi lovelies. Last Friday I released my new 2017 printed and bound daily planner.


Here are 10 reasons I really want you to use this planner:
  1. It’s thick and luxurious and has so much space for your days’ every detail.
  2. The cover is durable and matte and feels like butter in your hands.
  3. It takes away all the work of a downloadable planner. (No more printing double-sided, hole punching and binding!)
  4. It helps you break down each baby step of short and long term goals. You are 50% more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down!
  5. It establishes a self-discipline habit that will encourage other productive habits.
  6. It’s a place for positive reinforcement. Add a daily quote to keep you motivated and inspired.
  7. It’s a snapshot of how you spend your time–learn how to make better use of your day and get more done.
  8. It serves as a record of memories and accomplishments.
  9. It allows you to express your creativity by using planner accessories like your favorite pens & markers, monthly dividers, washi tape, stickers and more.
  10. Writing down your to do list and priorities helps remove stress and make sense of your daily chaos.

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Your 2017 Planner is Here

2017 Daily Planner - Eat Sleep Plan Hello! My 2016 planner download was a big hit! I had no idea it would reach so many of you when I designed it! I want to thank so many of you for your persistent messages, comments and emails about if/when the 2017 planner would be available. These requests kept me inspired to keep the bar high for my 2017 planner. 2017 was designed with great honor and consideration, and I’m so excited that it’s finally ready to unveil.

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