Vintage Tea Tin Succulents


I am obsessed with succulents. Their colors, shapes, textures and resilience are incredible. They are the ideal investment for those who have a history of killing plants as they require minimum maintenance. I learned from a florist that a succulent will stay alive up for up to 6 months out of a pot with no root system as long as it receives mists of water (infrequently) on its leaves. And how cute are vintage tea tins??


succulents-tea-tins-2succulents-tea-tins-10bsucculents-tea-tins-6I found these sweet vintage tea tins, and thought they’d make a great home for my newly purchased succulents. {UPDATE!!} You can purchase them here in my SISOO supplies shop! They do not have a drainage hole on the bottom, I plan to mist them with a little water from a spray bottle every few weeks as per my florist’s instructions. If you wanted to try this with herbs (that would require more watering), you could poke a hole in the bottom of the tea tins to let them drain.

Happy planting!





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