How to: Marble Coasters

IMG_1962-2 IMG_1932IMG_1928-2IMG_1980gift-coasters-ribbonHere is a colorful coaster project that has endless possibilities. I love how the coasters come out completely unique each time. You’ll never make the same pattern twice. Give this DIY a try.

What you’ll need:

Sculpey oven bake clay (in an array of colors)

X-acto knife

Rolling pin or clear jar

large can, jar or stencil to trace

Gold Liquid Gilding and small paintbrush

Glaze to give the final product a glossy finish (optional)

baking tray

parchment paper


Here’s how to do it:


Break off several pieces of color that you’d like to use for your coaster.


Roll them out with your hand on a clean even surface so they are even in length and look like this. It’s ok if some are different thicknesses, that will give your end result a more interesting look.


Once they are all rolled out, twist all the colors together.


And roll that out with your hand so it’s twice as long as the original pieces of clay you rolled.


Fold in half and twist again, and roll out with your hand. This is swirling and mixing the colors and forming lots of pretty layers within the clay. Do this 2-3 times total.


Now form a ball with the clay.


Take your jar or rolling pin and roll the ball flat, you’ll start to see a beautiful patter emerge! I like to use this glass vase instead of a rolling pin so I can see what’s going on as I roll it. Roll to a thickness of 1/4″.


Now find a part of the marbled pattern that you love and trace a circle to cut it out.


Smooth the clay with your finger if there are any bumps or imperfections.


Transfer to a baking sheet with parchment paper. You’ll bake the clay according to your brand’s instructions. I baked my Sculpey clay at 275 degrees for 30 minutes.


Once they are done baking, remove from oven and let cool. When the coasters are back at room temperature, use your liquid gilding and a fine brush to paint the outside edges.


I painted the outer edge (where my X-acto knife cut down) as well as about an 1/8″ of the top outside edge.


Allow to dry: the gold liquid gilding dries rather fast.


Optional: I used a little bit of the liquid gilding to stamp the bottom of the coasters with an S.


Once the liquid gilding is dry, you can seal your coasters with a touch of glaze for a glossy finish. This will also protect them from liquids.


Your marble coasters are complete!

IMG_1956IMG_1972IMG_1901-2 IMG_1924-2dolly-coasters-2

I’m happy with how this project turned out! I love using them as coasters, but also think they are beautiful under my small succulent planters. I’ll be making more to give as gifts (I love them tied up with my favorite M&J silk hand-dyed ribbon!). Even if you don’t use coasters, they are little works of art resting on your side tables. I love how earthy and organic the patterns feel, and the pop of colors packs a punch!





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  7. I am so in love with these!! Totally going to make some for myself and for a friend as part of her housewarming gift! I do have a question… Could you put something on the bottom of the coaster so that it doesn’t scratch glass or wood? We have a glass table and my friend has a wood coffee table and I wouldn’t want to scratch either. Maybe those little felt circles? Wondering what you would suggest, if anything!

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  10. I made these and they turned out awesome!
    My question is what type of glaze do I buy. I have mod podge- would that work??
    Thanks for helping me beautify my home!

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  12. What glaze would you recommend using on the coasters?

    I want to make these as a gift for my boyfriend’s mom 🙂

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    • HI Sarah, I’ve had a lot of requests to purchase, so I’m going to make many sets and list them. I will let you know when they are available to buy! Thank you for your interest! xoxo

  14. I love your idea so much I tried to make them, but they kept burning on the bottom. Also, the white parts turned brown. I have no clue what I did wrong, I checked everything and did just as you said but they did not come out right. How can I fix this?

    • Hi Lindsay, it sounds like the temp might have been too high. Try at a lower temperature for less time! All ovens are different…I hope that helps!

  15. Aloha SJ,
    I would also like to purchase a 2 sets of 6. Would it be possible to use some of my favorite colors: Turquoise, lime green, perriwinkle, hot pink, and silver. Can you also edge them in silver and put cork or felt on the bottom? Please let me know
    how much they will cost first. THANKS SO MUCH!
    them with

  16. Hi!

    Loooveee this idea!!!

    If I rolled out the clay into much bigger circles (about the size of a small plate), do you think it would still turn out well? I was thinking maybe using the small plate to put candles on as a table decor?

    • you could definitely try! I would make them a little bit thicker (and therefore cook them slightly longer). Would love to see the finished results!!

  17. Thanks for such a wonderful idea. I just moved and have been looking for some unique one of a kind coasters that were fairly inexpensive and haven’t found ANY. I finally made my own last night and I love them. My parents love them so much they want me to make them some.

    I was thinking about making some larger ones for my hot pots/pans. Do you think this clay with withstand the heat from a hot pot/pan from the oven or off of the stove??

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  24. These are gorgeous!! Going to attempt to make them as well but was wondering how many blocks you used for the 6 coasters? Do you use the entire block for 1 color or did you tear off a section? Thanks so much for the great idea!

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  27. Used 1/2 block each of 6 colors. The colors all bled together and was only able to get 2 super thin coasters. The edges curled on one side of each and you can see every mark and dimple in them. Not even bothering to open the glaze. Hopefully, i can return it as it was quite pricey. The $10 clay is going on the trash. Not sure where this project went wrong….

  28. Absolutely love these! I made one attempt recently but didn’t have a thick enough coaster once I rolled it out – If you’re using six colors fairly evenly, can you estimate about how much you’d use of each block? About 1/4 or 1/3…or 1/2? I really appreciate it 🙂

  29. Hi! I love this ideas (super pretty!) but the instructions are very vague. I am having a Pinterest party and any info on what worked for you as far as how much clay to use and how thin to roll it out would really be helpful!!! Thank you ( ;

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  32. Thank you for the excellent idea and the very easy to follow directions. I was going to make four coasters today, but ended up sitting down for hours and using all 30 of my “sculpey” blocks of clay…27 coasters!!.

    I used a gold ink pen instead of a paint brush because I wasn’t sure I could paint a straight line.

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  36. Hi, I love all the colours and the effects! I was wondering how you created a marbled effect for some of the other coasters as they look quite different from the one shown above. Thanks 🙂

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  45. I’ve never worked with Sculpey. How sturdy is the finished product? My toddler recently dropped one of our coasters and now every time she sits at the table she reminds me of the broken coaster. I think it would be nice for her if we involved her in making a replacement, and I know our family would have fun doing this project together. However, I’m worried about these breaking as well, and I think if something she made broke it would upset her even more. Thoughts?

    • There is a slight flexibility to Sculpey after it’s been baked. I don’t think if you dropped it it would break. It’s a difference consistency than ceramic. I think it would the perfect material to use with a toddler!

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  49. Am I able to purchase a set of these from you?? I think they are absolutely amazing!!!!
    If so, could you let me know what the costs is per set and what shipping to Australia is.

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