How to: Designer Wrapped Pencils


My penmanship has gone down the tubes with all the non-stop typing on my computer and iPhone. I used to take pride in neat handwriting. It’s embarrassing how bad my writing has become! But the thing that weirdly helps me write more neatly is loving the utensil I use. Using a pretty pencil will magically transform my writing into precise, legible letters again. It’s as if I slow down and enjoy the writing experience more, when it’s with a nice utensil. See below how I turned some average yellow number two pencils into little works of art. (And pssssttt…I created a template for you to download and print, so you don’t have to measure anything. Find the link at the end of the post!)

What you need:

Brand new pencils

Mod Podge

Origami paper

Paint brush


Sharpened pencil


The steps:

1) Print out the pencil wrap template I made for you. You can use it from the computer paper, or if you prefer, trace it onto cardboard and cut that out, to make a sturdier template to work from.

2) Trace template onto your specialty paper.

3) Cut out paper.

4) Coat the piece of paper with a layer of Mod Podge using a paint brush.

5) Lay your new pencil down onto the coated paper and gently wrap the paper around the pencil. Smooth out any bumps. Add a litte more Mod Podge with your paint brush to the paper edge, so it lays flat.

6) Let dry.

7) Sharpen pencil and use!


Download the template by clicking and printing the file below. This saves you from having to measure anything! Be sure to print this file at 100%. Do not print if the printer settings say, “scale to fit”. This will skew the measurements.

:: click to download Designer Wrapped Pencil Template



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