How to: Cascading Chandelier Flower Garland


Merry Christmas! I put together a different kind of “centerpiece” for our Christmas dinner tonight: cascading flowers from our chandelier. This DIY is really easy to do…and luckily Whole Foods was selling these red and white blooms in bulk…3 bunches for $15! See below for details.

What you’ll need:


Fishing line




How to do it:

Trim the flowers heads off. Tie a knotted loop at one end of a long piece of fishing line. Then with your needle, thread the line and sew through the flower whichever way you’d like it to hang (upside-down, right-side up, on its side). Leave some space and tie another knotted loop and add another flower. I did 12 four foot long strands of about 10 flowers and then laid the middle of the strand over our chandelier so each end fell on either side of the chandelier. Keep in mind that if you lay the strand across something, one half of the strand will need their knotted loops on the other side of the flower head. Trim any ends that are too long or any loops that are too big. Voila.cascading-flower-DIY-9cascading-flower-DIY-3cascading-flower-DIY-6cascading-flower-DIY-2

Hope it’s an extra special Christmas for each of you this year, and you are doing excessive eating, laughing and loving all weekend long.



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