How to: Honeycomb Hexagon Decoupage Binder

Hexagon-honeycomb-binder-DIY-thesarahjohnson-14bHexagon-honeycomb-binder-DIY-thesarahjohnson-11bHexagon-honeycomb-binder-DIY-thesarahjohnson-3Greetings! Remember that 2016 planner printable I posted last week? (Which by the way, wowsa! So happy so many of you have liked it and downloaded it!) I wanted to create a home for my planner that I was really excited about looking at throughout the year. Everything I’ve found in my binder shopping research lacked pizazz. So I took matters into my own hands, which, I often do, haha…and decided to DIY a blank kraft binder. Of course my imagination ran wild with so many ideas how to embellish it. I considered covering it with my favorite instagram shots, marbled paint, pom poms and more. I settled on this honeycomb hexagon decoupage idea with my favorite origami papers. Honeycomb reminds me of bees. Bees are always busy. I thought that was pretty symbolic for a planner! I love how it turned out. It was a pretty easy project, aside from the patience it took to cut out all the hexagons. But I used a magical tool that helped me do it pretty quickly. Read on for details!

What you’ll need:

Kraft binder

Hexagon squeeze punch (the magical tool mentioned above)

Specialty/origami/yuzen papers

Mod Podge

Paint brush



Step 1: Prep your hexagons. I cut out about 15-20 hexagons in about 8 different papers with my hexagon punch.



Step 2: Lay-out and get a feel for how the shapes line up together.


Step 3: Apply a generous amount of Modge Podge to the back side of each cut out. Leave about 1/8″ of space between each hexagon. Start in the middle of the binder and work your way outward.



Step 4: When you get to the edges, you can either wrap the excess hexagons around to the inside of the binder or trim them with your scissors.


Step 5: Don’t forget the side of the binder and continue on to the back!


Step 6: Once you’ve glued all your cut outs, lay the binder flat and allow to dry for about an hour. Be sure that all the edges of each hexagon lay flat. If any are curling up, take a little Mod Podge on your finger and blend it into the top of the paper. The glue will absorb into the paper and dry flat against the binder. I love Mod Podge because it makes the paper into a fabric-like state so it dries really flat and texture free!


You’re done! Punch holes in your planner printable with this helpful gadget, place inside the binder into the 3 rings, and you’re ready to get to plannin’.




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  2. Hi Sarah! I so want to make this for my wife for christmas but unfortunately the link to the kraft binder is no longer available. I searched around for about 20 minutes and can’t find a comparable product. Any ideas? TIA!

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