New York Fall Extravaganza

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15321172475_f82410b458_bA fall weekend extravaganza with my man! Complete with apple & pumpkin picking (we got a 50 lber!!). We found a dog-friendly farm in North Salem, NY, called Harvest Moon Orchard.  They had lots of fall festivities going on, including fresh baked cider donuts, pony rides and live music.

Can we please do this every weekend?




Back from Spain!

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15331455656_8cc5182827_k copyAC and I are back from Spain.  We had an incredible time, with lots of celebrating (a wedding in Madrid), eating and drinking (5 days in San Sebastian) and driving the Basque countryside along the northern coast.  We took about 1,000 pics and now I’m trying to organize them. These new furry friends pictured were a highlight of the trip!  I fed them grass on our way to Bilbao, and we stopped on the way back to San Sebastian to feed and love on them one more time.

More on Spain soon!




Black Orchid Roses


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I went to the market today and found these beautiful roses. The color is unlike anything I’ve seen!  I can’t keep my eyes off this shade of pink.  The outer leaves are darker and they get lighter toward the middle.  Something about the color has a darkness and mystery that reminds me of David Yurman’s new Black Orchid gemstone.

Whole Foods Tribeca sold 2 dozen for $20!  So I’ve put them all over my apartment! Fresh flowers make me so happy.  I have a new rule, on Mondays I buy flowers for the week. I love waking up to the smell of them in my bedroom.

Happy Tuesday!


Pictured: Sisoo Austin Cuff